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Velut Luna

AMBRA - Lucia Minetti Trio

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Lucia Minetti, voce / Andrea Zani, pianoforte / Martino Maina, violoncello

01 Alfonsina y el mar (F.Luna, A.Ramirez) / arr. M.Maina, A.Zani 05:00
02 Valsinha (V. De Moraes, C.Buarque de Hollanda) / arr. M.Maina, A.Zani 02:49
03 Retrato em branco e preto (A.C. Jobim) / arr. A.Zani 03:28
04 Ie te vurria vasà (V. Russo, E. Di Capua, A. Mazzucchi) / arr. M.Maina, A.Zani 04:11
05 Apanhei-te cavaquinho (E. Nazareth) / arr. P.Ballestrero 03:01
06 Por toda minha vida (A.C. Jobim) / arr. Filippo Saya 02:11
07 Quanto t’ho amato (N. Piovani, V. Cerami) / arr. M.Maina, A.Zani 04:21
08 Chanson des vieux amants (J. Brel) / arr. O.Del Barba, A.Zani 04:40
09 Non potho reposare (G.Rachel, S.Sini) / arr. M.Maina, A.Zani 04:43
10 Tourbillons de la vie / La vie s’envole (S. Rezvani) / Arr. Giovanni Venosta / Andrea Zani 03:14
11 Sous la lune (D. Lewis, A. Boudrahem, F. Jeannin, M. Razanajato, Benedicte D. Grimult) 05:19

Total Time 43:03

24bit / 88.2kHz original LIVE recording made at San Giacomo Spazio d’Arte, Albignasego, Italy on May, 6, 2023. Analog mix and mastering made at VL Studio, Naquera, Spain, on May, 14, 2023, using Rupert Neve Design Analog Summing Console, Maselec MLA-2 / MEA-2 / MPL-2 and Studer A810

Production: Marco Lincetto / Massimo Corvino Consulting
Executive producer: Marco Lincetto
Balance engineers: Marco Lincetto and Cristiano Zatta
Recording engineer: Cristiano Zatta
Mix and mastering engineer: Marco Lincetto
Photo: Marco Lincetto
Graphics and Layout: L’Image
Video maker: Michele Zangrossi

Lucia Minetti, extraordinary performer, important voice of the Italian scene, together with Andrea Zani at the piano and Martino Maina at the cello, solid musicians, sensitive and curious towards the music all, plays in a chamber music style, precious songwriting from Italy, France, Brasil, Argentina and Spain with intensity and great expressive personality. A trio that crosses the boundaries of genre with curiosity formed by musicians with different musical paths. Interpreters very prepared, fl exible and aware of each of their instrument. Lucia Minetti, singer loved by directors and authors who have dedicated music and lyrics is known for the breadth of its repertoire, the intensity of its interpretations and the wise use of dynamics and colors. It was defi ned by Lidia Ravera “Mezzo soprano e mezzo angelo del cielo” and by Giorgio Gaslini “The best new singer of the songwriting”.

Crowdfunding Project - Very special thanks to our supporters:
Gian Carlo Ariosto, Marco Luca Bovati, Daniele Guarise, Paolo Marchetti, Fabio Seretti, Fabio Borelli, Simona Amodio, Brunella Pugnaloni, Pietro Asolari, Alessandro Belli, Gaetano Laureanti, Sergio Boretto, Raffaele Biolcati, Davide Saronni, Giovanni Cornara. Un grazie anche a Luca Turolla.

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